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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Yarn Braids/Genie Locks/Faux Dreds

Yes, this is an awkward photo, (I was caught off guard) but I wanted to showcase my yarn braids! This is my second time doing this protective style and I think that it came out better. I plan to keep this is for like a month, then I'll blow my hair out to see my length.

I love this style because it is so affordable. ( a pack of acrlic yarn is like less than 3 buskc at micheals.)

The Nightmare Before Christmas Nails

I got this idea from Julieg713... one of my FAVORITE youtubers. In honor of halloween (I'm a sucker for holiday nails...) I used 9 polishes and it was fairly easy considering I've never done it before. It was Wet n Wild black creme, Essie To Buy or Not To Buy, Wet n Wild French Creme, Essie Cocktail Bling, Revlon Bare Bones, Essie Sure Shot, Revlon Posh, Spoiled by Wet n Wild designated driver, Revlon Amethyst.
On the index finger, that is supposed to be Jack. The middle finger is Sally. Ringer finger is the suit. Pinky finger is the bougie monster. The thumb is the famous scene on the cliff. Thanks Julieg!

Sally Hansen Showgirl Chic

So you may have noticed that these are not my nails. LOL. I was bored and did my best friend's nail in my new glitter-crazed fashion.
I LOOOOVE this color (on me or anybody else) It is so sparkly. It is an icy silver sparkle with blue flecks. It reminds me of winter. The only downside to this was that mine was opaque in one coat. Which is not something you want in a glitter polish because you want to layer it over other colors. It's not even beacuse its a little old. When I first bought I remember it was on th ethicker side.

Organic Root Stimulator Dry Shampoo

The dry shampoo is like a gel consistency. I like the feel of it. It has a cooling feel to it, like mint. and it gets rid of that icky old braid smell you may have. This might be a re-purchase for me. MIGHT.

Sally Hansen Big Money

So I am officially on my glitter kick. I know it is fall and I'm supposed to be following the whole dark color rule but... guess what? RULES ARE MEANT TO BE BROKEN! Big money is an ok glitter. As is it is getting a little on the older side, it is getting on the thicker side. That is a little annoying because that means I can't layer it over other polishes. This is after two coats, and I find that the color dries a little more matte than I would like. It's a glitter polish! It is supposed to be beyond sparkly... but it is a little more subdued than you would think. I used some black stripers on my nail for some fun.

It is a gold chunky polish with purple accents.