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Monday, March 9, 2015


I am actually quite pleased with this hair. At first I was really debating if I should put this on a U-part or actually do an install but I didn't know how thick the bundles would be and didn't want to be assed out.I took the bundles and made a U-part of of them. I cute the tracks and split SOME wefts. I felt like the company provided you with enough hair that I didn't feel the need to split my tracks (except towards the top which was starting to be a struggle... so I only split the track for two bundles)
As promised, they do provide you with six bundles of varying lengths. The longer the lengths, the shorter the bundles.
I really liked the texture of the hair. it did tangle a bit but the tangles are EASILY brushed out. even though i cut the wefts and split some of the tracks, I really don't have excessive shedding.
I do not plan to dye, bleach or perm this hair... not because of the quality but because I'm a purist in a sense. ("get and wear as it is" mentality)
I though blending this texture with my nature hair was going to be difficult because I'm natural and I can't exactly straighten my hair then wet set it in a braid to mimic the waves. So I tried flat ironing my hair and braiding it at night (dry) to see if i can get a wave... no.
/Content/Upload/Product/BOMBSHELL_BODY_6PCS_L_L.jpgIt doesn't really resemble the hair in the stock photo.

I found it was best that I curl my hair with a wand AND curl the unit to frame my face.
The closure was basically a waste of time. I didn't use it.
I found this map on how to do your instal interesting. I followed it loosely. I probably won't in the future though.
Am I the only person in the world that find unraveling S-curl bundles like this stressful? I kept getting tangles while I tugged on the hair. (Thank god the quality of the hair was good or we would have had problems)

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Koh Gen Do Cleansing Spa Wipes

I don't know what made me pick these wipes up from Sephora, but I'm sorry I ever did. Not that they are bad... but they are SO GOOD that going back to drugstore wipes just won't suffice for me anymore.

If you are they type who doesn't like soaking wet wipes, this might not be for you.I absolutely love them. You only need one wipe to take off all your makeup. That includes waterproof mascara, long wearing foundations, and pesky (but sometimes necessary) lip stains. All of that gets gently wiped away.

These cleansing spa water cloths are soft and accoriding to the website, they provide the skin with mineral rich water "Infused with six essential herbs—rosemary leaf, sage leaf, lavender, artemsia princeps leaf, perilla ocymoides leaf, ginger root—to protect and nurture skin, they replenish, refresh, and cleanse for a smooth, healthy-looking complexion."

I have sensitive skin, so I'm a little weary about using anything on my skin but these are not harsh at all (unlike the Neutrogena oil free makeup remover that was like rubbing evilness on my face).

I think you should try these wipes out because Sephora has mini versions for $10 and you get 13 wipes. Be forewarned... you won't be able to look to drugstore wipes in the same light again. This is an expensive habit.