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Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I'm always intrigued by new things (especially when it comes to hair) so when I first saw these new braided ponytail by outre I got really excited. I'm not much of a 'ponytail' wearer... not since high school, but I decided to give this a try.

First of all, this was an absolute NIGHTMARE to try to blend with my natural 4c hair. I tried straightening it but it still wasn't really the same texture. After a while, it was a like a lightbulb went off in my head. I took an old wig (freetress vanilla girl) put that in a ponytail (cutting some of the excess off of course) then put the messy ponytail on.

Once I had that in order, the style itself was awesome! It give you a effortless beachy look. Great for summer but you know I'm going to rock it whenever I want.

(Another thing, I absoluetly hate the combs in this. They are short and I had to use a butt load of bobby pins to make sure that it wasn't going to slip off in the street)

I recommend this to women who kind of want to save old wigs, and relaxed girls.

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