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Monday, January 5, 2015

How To Get Away With Murder

Hats off to you Shonda! HGTAWM became one of my favorite dramas this fall.

BTW: Finding pics to put on this post was a little awkward. I googled "How to get away with murder" and it was finishing it with "without getting caught", "without really trying" "without makeup"... (without makeup?? really... I do NOTHING without makeup).
So the series revolves around Annalise Keating's (Davis) law class named How to get away with murder. The protagonist of the story is Dean Thomas (at least that is what I call him in my head). Alfred Enoch plays Wes Gibbins, a fresh faced law student. I don't mind his character except when he does that annoy surprised face. It's reminiscent of Quinn's demeanor in the first season of Scandal.

I get it though, we are experiencing the shocks of the fast-paced world through Wes and as the season progresses we will see him harden and become an actual player.
The real star, is my home girl Viola though. Her character seems cut-throat and stoic but she definitely had her faults. (like, not braiding and moisturizing her hair under them wigs!)
I don't want to REALLY spoil the show for the 3 of you out there that actually read my blog and might not watch the show so I won't get too deep into plot points (no promises if I feel like doing episode reviews *sips tea).

The only thing I WILL say is that we know which character get murder and I feel like in this season they will develop that arch in the story line. My question is how will they keep up that theme? Eventually you will or will not get away with murder... end of story. How will they continue?
(lol, Viola looks like... "crap... we didn't think of that.")

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