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Saturday, September 15, 2012

CoverGirl Lashblastvolume mascara

So as you can see I have really thin, short lashes. There are not many mascaras that can really alleviate this problem for me. I was running out to get this mascara because eleventhgorgeous always raved about it. I have had CoverGirl lash blast volume for about two days. It is GREAT layered with other mascaras but by itself, it falls short for me. The formula is wet (which I love) and it is on the buildable side seeing as I don’t get crazy clumps when I use it (Revlon colorstay overtime). This won’t be a repurchase for me anytime soon though because I know I can find something that would work better for me.
Not much of a difference (one coat)

Thin rubber bristols on the tip and the end but the middle extends further.

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