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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Smooth Shine Polishing Keratin Power

It is a two step system that comes with gloves and an added deep conditioning treatment. (they don't really tell you when to use it in the process so I didn't)
My wild bush of a head. lol. So I have been natural for four years now and you can see the front of my head (my leave out) is a little looser than the rest of my head because of the not-so-slight head damage. My roots, however are a 4c. We are working with the coarsest of the coarse here!

After the whole treatment, my ends dont look GREAT but it will do.
Blending it with my u-part (Freetress Cella)
So as it promised, when my hair reverted (it stayed relatively straight for a whole week) my curl pattern was looser. This is my hair with no product in it. I think it went from a 4c to a solid 4b. And the best part, it is only temporary. After 6 weeks, I'll be completely natural again.

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